Really Good UX by Ty Magnin This is a great collection of screenshots/GIFs of, well, really good UX! I love the site, but the newsletter hand-picks a smart variety and I appreciate the send frequency.

Jared Spool sends a great UX Thought of the Day. It's brief, highly relevant, and usually linked to a more in-depth resource.

The O'Reilly Design newsletter is really good, too. It's more industry-relevant, but also a little outside of my UX bubble enough to push my thinking. I like the combination of materials they pull from, too.

Farnam Street Blog by Shane Parrish is a blog about thinking…it's really healthy to keep up with trends in your industry, but the way we innovate is by looking at other industries. This blog sort of digs past UX to the psychology and mental models that connect all of us as humans/users. I just love his concise writing style and how much it makes me think and how many interesting connections I've made between seemingly unconnected things.

I adore the UX Collective on Medium; their practical yet humorous approach to content really appeals to me. 

The InVision app team often have really thoughtful blog posts, too, so I get their updates as well.


I depend deeply on the Content + UX Slack group as well as watching Medium posts of companies I like. The Slack group is a great wealth of knowledge whether you’re job hunting, needing help tackling an interesting UX Microcopy problem or just looking for examples in order to execute on a task. Anyone who wants to work in Content/UX should be in this. The group is now hosted by Jess Sand and you can request an invite at